Hospitality & Vitality Operations


Hospitality & Vitality Operation 3.0. From value, to values. Our hospitality vision is aimed at the future of guests, staff, partners and the future of gastronomy. Our vision assumes three fundamental factors; innovation, co-creation and service design. 



Moving forward in hospitality & VItality >>  

The opus, a Modest Luxury hospitality & vitality brand, Registered 2016

Innovation, co-creation and service design are the fundamental factors wherein our vision on hospitality & Vitality resides 

A composition of a meaningful masterpiece in hospitality & vitality



Hospitality Services

- Quick Scan feasibility

- Feasibility study, master plan, business case, etc.

- Proactive brand-services

- Third-party "white label" hospitality operations



“A Brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is"   
— Scott Cook


It is not a coincidence that our focus lays on the creation of Emphatic and Sustainable distinguished “Hospitality & Vitality” Brands. Our aim is not only to be an extraordinary name but also a meaningful Brand, wherein our clients want to be and the market wants to be part of. A Brand with which our co-branding partners want to have ties with. Branding partners with the common goal to use a variety of perspectives and to obtain sustainable success in a unique way.

Concept ‘Value’

The success of the above-mentioned Brands relies on the content for the optimal ‘concept value' program. The right positions of the right complementary stakeholders are determined on the basis of location choice and concept for every new or existing ‘Brand’. The value proposition that is established is in line with the Brand to be created. In every project we handle the following core values as a starting point for successful, conceptual, integral operation programs:

- Social value(s); connection

- Corporate value(s); commercial drivers

- Creative value(s); distinguished artistic ability

- Public value(s); environment support


Due to the participation of future internal and external users in projects and locations and in order to guarantee the sustainability of the operation, we have to keep asking how we can keep giving the best concept value, during the development and operation stages, to all agents and stakeholders involved. 

Only a significant Brand is worth co-brandings partners.