Ron Lubbers

Managing Director


on Lubbers (1961) is HaystackCorp’s founder. He has focused on the development and operation of Real Estate Brands. After studying business, he specialized in urban planning, hospitality, marketing, and branding. Due to his efforts within international projects, he is part of different leading business networks. Individual leaders in the central government and corporate sector approach him, not only for his vision on Dutch business but are also really supportive of his projects.  

Within the partnership with an International operator, active in Europe and India, he built a specific expertise in the hospitality business operation and the sector in general. Especially, his sharp vision (ranging from possibilities to possible bottlenecks) on the diversity of the hotel business.

Ranging from the demanding hotel branch to the specific demands with respect to boutique hotels up to resorts. This counts for diverse imaging of social groups and for the diversity of Brands, cultures, and market segments.  

Affinity and knowledge about culture, music and science are inspiring themes in his career. His passion for innovation and the result-oriented approach of his teams is the basis of unique projects that are timeless. Someone who is always looking to creating diversity, and is famous for his vision and loyalty. 

Huub Dekkers

Director of Acquisitions and Structuring


uub is a team player and is strongly result driven. He has years of experience and extensive expertise in real estate asset management and the acquisition and structuring of real estate development and real estate investment projects in the USA and West Europe.


Huub is a partner who focuses on business development, acquisition, structuring, setting up joint ventures and processmanagement. 

Jay Lee

Partner | Real Estate Development

Jay (1968) heeft na zijn opleiding Bouwmanagement aan de TU Delft gewerkt zowel voor commerciële- als Rijksvastgoedbedrijven op het gebied van vastgoedontwikkeling en assetmanagement. Afgelopen decennia heeft hij als zelfstandige ondernemer gewerkt aan diverse vastgoedtransacties, strategische vastgoedvraagstukken en als interim manager voor zowel marktpartijen als het Rijk.

Als partner binnen Haystack is zijn werkgebied vastgoedontwikkeling, financial engineering en bouw. In alles wat hij doet staat gezamenlijk tot oplossingen komen en meerwaarde creëren centraal.


Hans Hiensch

Director of Finance & Controlling

Hans (1962) has detailed knowledge about finance and controlling (advising and operation) and is part of Remit Consulting. Hans is a finance project leader within HaystackCorp. Besides this, he is the financial controller for the projects. Remit Consulting is a consultant specialized in setting up, structuring and realization of equity and debt financing for real estate and the associated strategy stipulation. Therefore we can also, through their branches in London and Paris, appeal on their knowledge and experience of the international network partners in today’s real estate finance world. 

Barry Popma

Director of Innovation & Alliances

Barry is a multi-disciplinary specialist. He obtained an MBA in Healthcare management at the Erasmus University, the highest international level as mindfulness trainer at Radboud University Medical Centre, studied community building and leadership consciousness at the Nyenrode Academy, and has a bachelor in Hospitality & Leisure and Human Resource Management.

On his professional career, he has focused on developing the new concepts on leadership development, change management, and vitality. As a professional, he is very driven and is searching for unconventional connections.

Barry opens the perspective and connects intentions with ambition, brings people and parties together. This is the way he builds bridges and innovation from content and inspiration to results. As a businessman, his drive is to take concepts and make them practical and then to make a sustainable business model.

Besides his position as Director Innovation & Alliances within HaystackCorp’s hospitality projects, he has this same position in Vitalitytak. Considering his experience in coaching and assessment, Barry will help the HRM team

Fenna Boeke

Director Opus Vitality

Fenna has started her career in the Beauty industry. She has had a successful company, Zuiver, for years now. She has developed her professional career in the field of lifestyle and wellness coaching and vitality management. She develops and implements vitality programs for clients such as GGD, municipal governments, and institutions.

She is an experienced business owner in the field of public health and social innovations and has initiated many projects within this field. She has been awarded the ‘leading change’ certification programs (leadership, change readiness and individual & corporate well-being) for the project Fonds Nuts Ohra. She is also a recognized mindfulness trainer.

Her inherent passion lies in creating an atmosphere wherein people feel comfortable, take steps in their personal development and awareness development, get enticed to explore and experiment.

She brings these aspects together in an integral vision on a more vital life on the basis of her entrepreneurship and expertise and this translate itself in several distinctive programs.

Fenna is a HaystackCorp partner responsible for Vitality entrepreneurship. 

Ir P.M. (Piet) van der Laan

Project development

The constructor in heart and soul with integral experience in utility constructions and urban renovation with core expertise in restoration of monumental objects, this is how we can characterize Piet van der Laan.  Stocktaking, knowledge of original materials, modern technique and construction costs are crucial for the planning- and builders estimation phase and for making financial structuring possible. 

Heine van Nieuwenhuize

Partner | Plan development & Projectmanagement

Heine focuses on the content of today’s plan development. His expertise is the creation of current concepts, solid financial argumentation with regards to the feasibility of real estate projects and the executing of effective project management. Besides this, his focus is on setting up, organizing and implementing real estate management