Hospitality & Vitality

Our hospitality and vitality vision can be seen as an extension of the living environment for residents and guest. In this living environment, gastronomy, meeting, atmosphere and vitality are central. For this purpose, we are currently developing, in co-creation with partners, further concepts and forms of exploitation. Involving local entrepreneurship is also one of the options.

HaystackCorp works on the release of a modest luxury and vitality brand, registered 2016

A Central meeting place for and in the city

A composition of a meaningful masterpiece in hospitality & vitality


Hospitality services

  • Concept development in co-creation with additional market leading parties
  • Feasibility study, master plan, business case
  • Selection of exploitation by third party specialized hospitality and vitality operator(s)


“A Brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is"   
— Scott Cook

Concept & Brands development

It's not without reason that our focus is on the creation of the so-called Emphatic and Sustainable distinctive 'Hospitality & Vitality' Brands. Our goal is not only to create a special name, but to be a brand of significance, where our customers want to be a part of. A brand that our co-branding partners also want to commit to. With the common goal to share success sustainably from a variety of angles in a unique way.  

Concept ‘Value’

The succes of aforementioned 'Brands' depens on the content of the program for the optimal 'concept value'. For each new existing 'Brand', the positions of the right coplementary stakeholders are determined and contracted on the basis of the choice of location and concept. The resuulting value proposition is in line with the result of the 'Brand' to be created. In every project we use the following core values as a starting point for succesful, conceptual, integrated exploitation programs:

  • Business value (s); commercial drivers
  • Social value(s); connection, engagement of local entrepreneurship
  • Creative value(s); distinctive artistic ability
  • Public value(s); support from the environment

Due to the input of future internal and external users per project and per location, we must continue to ask ourselves during development and operation how we can continue to maintain the optimal concept value together with the participants and stakeholders involved to ensure the sustainability of the operation.



Moving forward in hospitality & VItality