Vision & Ambition


The name HaystackCorp stands for more than only a real estate developer who is an expert in operating hospitality projects with a rich history in developing and re-developing city projects concerning living, working, recreating and meetings.

HaystackCorp’s cornerstone is taking on (re) developing projects that not only are customized but also above all involve precision. Expertise and experience are used accurately to accomplish city, community and cultural real estate, “smart” office buildings, leisure and landmark areas. The same expertise and experience are used as a foundation for re-locating and the function change of existing real estate.

The creation of distinguishing concepts, environmental planning and artistic qualities and the creation of support from the area and the city, are important for the realization of the best project value. Hereby is publishing the social significance the starting point. 

HaystackCorp’s business model is based on co-branding partnerships. We offer an area of freedom for creative innovative companies. We feature an (inter) national network of financiers who adapt to the quickly changing market trends.We select partners whose visions and ambitions correspond to our projects and Brands at hand.

In line with the precision approach is HaystackCorp’s focus on creating functions and changing historical and current monuments. This function creation or change is guided content wise, administratively, organizationally and also financially in which the starting point is offering a new long-term economic perspective.  

The primary purpose is to create new, distinctive urban projects and hospitality related project solutions, involving sustainable paying value development for the stakeholders involved. Besides the location, integration with the city and the co-operation with local business owners and institutions within the area of coverage play an important role.

Our partners create value during the development of the project and together we go for a collective value development.

Our aim is to work closely with the municipality and the governing bodies with which we are involved. We communicate all the ideas in the early stages of developing the projects with the community and the city to strengthen the support.

Expertise, solid analysis, verbalizing distinguishing creative concepts with achievable aims, good communication with and creating support, and bringing the right partners together, are the base and the real value of successful projects.

Experience and expertise as a solid foundation to (re) develop projects that require customization and precision. At the same time, it is the foundation for the relocating and function change of existing real estate.



“Committed to enhance society”
–– HaystackCorp