Cultural-historical location near Holland Spoor The Hague

HaystackCorp as initiator works in collaboration with KWP Projecten and KAAN Architecten from Rotterdam on a new urban development that reinforces the cultural-historical context of the area. More information will follow.


Amsterdam North

HaystackCorp is the initiator of an area development in Amsterdam North. More information will follow.


Station Square Nijmegen


HaystackCorp is working in collaboration with KAAN Architecten from Rotterdam on a distinctive planning for a residential and leisure location located directly on the central station square near the city center of Nijmegen. More information will follow.


Opus Nijmegen

The historical building, OPUS, has been built in 1921 and is adjacent to the Vierdaagseplein in Nijmegen. The Vierdaagseplein is part of the Wedren (the starting point of the 4-day walk held in Nijmegen).

The realization of this new hospitality concept is in its end phase now. This is concept makes the most of a new concept of meeting, staying, working, gastronomy, special events and health. HaystackCorp was responsible for the transformation plan into a new hotel concept with the associated zoning plan change.

Status: project is now in effect



As part of an urban restructuring of the Nijmegen station square, a new historical entrance hall will be built right in front of the historical entrance hall, a unique and vast urban icon designed by Barcode Architects. HaystackCorp is responsible for the location acquisition, concept development and the starting phase of the architecture. The project will be developed and realized in collaboration of KWP.

Status: Detailed planning and spatial planning procedure



A special living environment has arisen in the harbor of the old city of Nijmegen. In a central position within the area, bordering the historical rail bridge over the Waal in Nijmegen, the harbor, and the nearby famous Kronenburgerpark is, has the Wall panorama plan been developed. Living, leisure, and working are central themes in this high-rise project. Besides this, a “city balcony”, a landscape setting, an enormous parking space for residents and visitors will be developed. This project is an initiative of HaystackCorp and has resulted in an urban masterplan designed in collaboration with architects Alliance (aA) from Toronto and Royal Haskoning from Nijmegen. The Dutch Railways and the Municipality of Nijmegen were also involved. The approach, quality and social added value of the project were so special that the project without any objection led to an unconditional zoning plan. However, due to the credit crisis around 2008, the project could not be completed and had to be postponed. Preparations are now taking place in preparation for development.

Status: Realisation masterplan