Monastary garden Brakkenstein Nijmegen

Around 2010, on behalf of Balast Nedam, HaystackCorp (formerly ICE Development) was responsible for an integrated new plan for this special cultural-historical location in the district of Brakkenstein in Nijmegen (near the University Campus), with the Jesuits as landowner in consultation with the Diocese of Den Bosch. The approach was based on numerous historical and ecological studies, since the area was a so-called steppingstone area for flora and fauna. In addition, the starting point was that a church should come back in a new building as well as a monastery for the Jesuits. After these studies, Diederendirrix Architecture & Urban Design from Eindhoven and Kees Tolk as landscape architect have been selected as the most suitable architects team for this project. HaystackCorp was also responsible for intensive public communication to arrive at an appropriate zoning plan and agreement on the contribution of the land value for sale to the developer-builder. The project was later developed in an innovative way and has been rewarded with its special quality with various architectural and innovative awards. The project can be qualified as a "one of a kind" for Nijmegen.


52 Degrees

HaystackCorp has realized a 52 degrees business and innovation center as part of a techno campus in Nijmegen. One of the first leading business settings with a concentration on a unique experience and hospitality. It is ‘a stage for the knowledge industry’. The realization of a 29.000 m2 office building with a parking lot, as part of a mix-use project including a train station. The project has won two awards and acknowledgments.

Architect: Mecanoo Architect, Francine Houben.

Developing – and construction partner: Ballast Nedam. 



AMA Andalusia Health Resort

In 2013, Orange Avenue has acquired a existing resort in  the Costa de la Luz in Spain. HaystackCorp was involved in the creation of the purchase of the resort has conceptually redeveloped the resort to an All Season Leisure & Health Retreat Resort within the “Nature, Culture, Sport and Healthy Life” theme. 



Pakhuismeesteren, Wilhelminapier Rotterdam

HaystackCorp has developed a new completion in the field of hospitality and living for the purpose of the former “Pakhuismeesteren” nearby the famous Wilhelmina pier in Rotterdam.  Volker Wessels commissioned this. This project was designed in collaboration with AGM architects from Antwerp.  


Ice-rink and event-center Triavium

The acquisition, recovery of the PPS Travium complex in Nijmegen. Content, administration, organizational and the financial development were presented. With the result that the real estate had been taken over by the municipal government and an extensive operation, perspective has been created for this community ice sports function.