Project Development



AYSTACKcorp is an independent concept developer and creative expert in initiating and realizing (re) development tasks. We offer insight into a new location, provide an answer to questions from investors about how to make a location into value, on how to transform an existing building or how to respond to new living and housing concepts that meet today's market demand that has changed quickly an will never be the same.

The initiation phase requires an approach that forms a well-considered balance between social need, a healthy planned economy, living comfort, sustainability and distinct architecture.

Requirements apply to every location due to a number of increasingly diffuse regulations. In the field of environment and climate objectives such as nitrogen, co2, energy neutrality and the value of ecology. How do you respond today, in an innovative way, to issues such as parking and mobility, sometimes seamingly simple to solve but often so complex that they play a crucial role in the financial feasibility of a project. In addition to economic significance, how do you create social value for users, the city and the surrounding area, as a basis for support?

Years of accumulated expertise and method of cooperation with municipalities, revlevant authorities and interest groups form the basis for our approach to achieve the optimal supported result.

How do you create a predictable and manageable process where all those involved feel confortable and known and enjoy working togheter on the formation of a project based on a positive ambition. A process approach where captial destruction must be prevented and which results in fair feasible starting points on which you can build.

The above in achied in order to arrive at a jointly elaborated structural design togheter with designers (urban development, architecture, landscape etc.) and other disciplines from the developer and the municipality. Often referred to as the construction envelope. This serves as a starting point for entering into an LOI or the anterior agreement with the Municipality.

Once this phase has been reached, the parties to be selected, from builder to investor, can be done in the most efficient way and result in well-considered business agreements and a reasonable value of the location.

HAYSTACKcorp takes care of, among other things, the guidance of thee further integral design process, selection and tendering of contractors, energy partner, operators, financiers and investors and the general process management and communication.

Subsequently, asset management can be provided with the aim of preserving the value of the property.

In short, we provide clarity in what is really possible, respond to sustainable innovations, ensure constructive, and delve into the cultural-historical and / or ecological significance of a location. We focus on urban "multi-use" projects, special landscape projects, vitality, hospitality & leisure, and social real estate in collaboration with River Rock from Londen.